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Anonymous sent:
Hey Navi, you like doing charity work, right?

"Well, yeah, I like helping people! What exactly did you have in mind?" 

thalia-and-lestat said: SO PROUD




Anonymous sent:
Navi lives long enough to meet the Hero's Shade

Send me your headcanons/ships involving my muse.

((Now this is one I’ve considered, but don’t know if I accept or not yet- It all depends on how long she’ll actually live. It’s abnormally long, I know that much, but I haven’t decided on how many years quite yet.))

Anonymous sent:
If Navi was ever taken to a place that had wifi, her wings would be a surprisingly good receptor.

Send me your headcanons/ships involving my muse.

((I’m not sure how that affects anything, seeing as she has no idea what Wifi is and wouldn’t be able to use it from her wings? XD But it’s pretty darn funny, not gonna lie—))

Anonymous sent:
Smash bros will be compatible with the regular 3ds. The only exclusive to the new 3ds we know about is xenoblade. The new 3ds doesn't even release until way after smash does anyway. Don't worry.

((Okay GOOD… it’s not the new system that upsets me, but if they were gonna get everyone all hyped up about a game and then say “OH BY THE WAY YOU CAN ONLY PLAY IT ON THIS NEW SYSTEM”-THAT’S where I have a problem. Good to know, thank you!!!))

Reblog if you RP a character from The Legend of Zelda



Genderbents and OCs welcome.

Find your fandom here.

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Anonymous sent:
Does it feel weird having Majora and Helm both call you 'little fairy'?

"No, it’s not weird. It’s a nickname Majora gave me, so I don’t mind when he says it, but Helm just does it to bother me. Jerk." 

Anonymous sent:
What would you do if the Hero asked to marry you?

"UM. Navi’s face flashed to one of complete and utter alarm, then turned bright red. “It won’t happen. Not an option. I-I’d say yes, obviously.  Does it matter what I’d do? Other than that?” 

Anonymous sent:
free hug?

"As in you want me to give you one, or you’re offering?" 

((I’m back

I had to interact with more people

And socialize 

But I survived we’re good))

Anonymous sent:
Hey Navi, you should grow out your hair more so I can play with it and make it into a braid!

"Long hair is annoying though!! It gets all tangly and it gets all over your face and it does weird things and I don’t like it!!" 

Anonymous sent:
Navi, you should drink more MooMoo Milk. Is good for your bones.

"Even if it was, how would I get it? I hardly leave the forest these days, unless I have to. I’m not sure Lon Lon Ranch makes deliveries for free, either." 

theherooftime333 replied to your post: theherooftime333 said:*drops 40 g…

i wonder what would happen if i popped her back and shook her would she glow brighter?

I am

sort of tempted to accept that as headcanon xD))